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Re/Place(d) - Didsbury Arts Festival 2017

We're back, with four of the original team creating Re/Place(d) for Didsbury Arts Festival 2017. Sarah Butler, Sarah-Clare Conlon, David Gaffney and Nicholas Royle will be joined by Elizabeth Baines and Adrian Slatcher for an exploration of people and places, in line with the festival theme of "roots". Supported by Arts Council England. 

From the Gates of Hell to a grand Victorian railway hotel, take a tour of local places through the site-specific short stories of critically acclaimed and award-winning writers Elizabeth Baines, Sarah Butler, Sarah-Clare Conlon, David Gaffney, Nicholas Royle and Adrian Slatcher, set against a backdrop of archive film and photography. Supported by Arts Council England. The event takes place on Saturday 1 July, 7pm, at The Old Parsonage, Stenner Lane, Didsbury, M20 2RQ. There's a creative writing workshop the day before. See the Re/Place(d) website for more on both.

Re/Place - Chorlton Arts Festival 2015

As part of Chorlton Arts Festival 2015, six critically acclaimed and award-winning writers each sharing an interest in psychogeography and urban exploration penned pieces about ghost places and the re-appropriation of spaces. Sarah Butler, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Claire Dean, Kate Feld, David Gaffney and Nicholas Royle performed their site-specific short stories and screened North West Film Archive footage at a special event on 20 May 2015. Supported by Arts Council England. 

Three of the Re/Place contributors subsequently headlined at the Verbose prose and poetry night at Fallow café on 26 October 2015compèred by Sarah-Clare Conlon, with Re/Place readings and projections from Sarah Butler, Kate Feld and David Gaffney.

See the Re/Place website for more. There are lots of photos from the CAF event on the Facebook page here.

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