10 May 2010

Setting the zine

I'm being a bit slow at the moment. I admit it freely. I keep getting invited to all these great events and exhibitions, bumble on over to them and have a swell ole time, then just shirk my duties and don't get round to sharing my thoughts with you until days, sometimes weeks, later. It's a bloody disgrace. I'm failing you as readers; I'm letting myself down.

You have two and a bit days to get down to Islington Mill for Stomach Pump, a show which officially gets the Salford Zine Library under starters' orders. Part of the Islington Mill Reference Library initative, the downstairs gallery is open 12-5. Unfortunately the last day is this Wednesday, which cuts things a bit fine, but please don't blame me as it only opened on Friday evening so it's all a bit fly by the seat of your pants which aint got nothing to do with me, honey.

Anyway, it's definitely worth crossing the river for, with loads of zines past and present displaying what a diverse creative underbelly this country has been grooming for many years. All the details are on the blog and if you're unlucky enough to miss the event itself, you can still email salfordzinelibrary@gmail.com to make appointment to go in and see if the lovely Matthew and Craig will show you their wares in their own sweet time.

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