08 September 2016

Words back in the 'burbs

OK, so there's been a bit of a hiatus over the summer, but words will soon be back in the 'burbs, first with The Word at Home cafe in Didsbury next Thursday, then with Verbose at Fallow cafe in Fallowfield the Monday after. Excited about both - will be reading on the open mic at The Word, with the lovely Lara Williams (pictured) headlining, then happy to be hosting Michael Conley, Rosie Garland and Rachel Mann at September's Verbose, as we showcase the work of Bare Fiction magazine.

Check out my preview of The Word on Creative Tourist here. That's the other news - I'm now Literature Editor of Creative Tourist, so do keep me up to speed on what's going on books and spoken word wise.

Oh, and news just in... the next Speakeasy in Stretford is on Thursday 6 October, 7.30pm at the Sip Club - special National Poetry Day outing. See here for more.