18 December 2019

An Oulipian 2020

Been thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Last year’s worked well - writing and submitting every month. For 2020, I might try and keep that up. I'm also going to do some kind of writing project related to stained glass, try and dabble in a bit of photography (pick up where my City & Guilds left off, maybe) and I’m going to see if I can read all the Perec books I own that for some reason I haven’t got round to reading. Here are some I’ve read in French and some I haven’t. I'm currently reading L'Infra-ordinaire. I was going to read all the French ones, but tbh I might read La Vie Mode d'Emploi in translation as Life A User's Manual as I've had the original since probably around 1992 (if I could be bothered going upstairs to look in the front, I could tell you the precise year, and probably where I was living at that point - but I'm busy writing this) and been overwhelmed by its immense pagination and tiny weeny font size. Tell me what else I might need to add to the reading pile. Be reasonable, like. No crosswords in the mother tongue, for example.