24 February 2009

Words: lost it

Unfortunately, Manchester University were pipped to the post by Oxford Corpus Christi and that darn Gail Trimble (who, bless, is getting a right royal going-over by thick people jealous of her fantastic general knowledge) in the final of University Challenge, aired last night.
Still Matthew Yeo, Henry Pertinez, Reuben Roy and teenage-face-pulling Simon Baker put up a good fight and were leading the way to just beyond the first half.
There was another brilliant word game round, which involved adding an 's' to the start of a word (which you also need to guess) to make another word...
eg, a bag of stuff you need to complete a task (obviously I am paraphrasing here); a short comedic turn on stage.
Over to you, Manchester:
kit; skit
More on iPlayer, I'm sure.

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