03 June 2009

Word: a windy day

Was round at Randy's last night; feeling the pain of pear cider/lager/white wine mix still. Anyway, in response to hearing all the news from Words & Fixtures Towers, Randy revealed to me that Boris Johnson's favorite word is 'carminative'. Apparently this has something to do with the pleasure derived from breaking wind. Randy loves breaking wind. Talking of which, our friend Ian, who also happened to be present yesterday, has only just learnt the joys of burping. Thirty-six, and never been burped.

Anyway back to BJ. You can read more on the New English Review: http://www.newenglishreview.org/custpage.cfm/frm/19810/sec_id/19810
I, like NER, am a fan of his invention of the word "bemerded":
"Almost every day I go for a run down the bemerded pavements of North London."

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