13 May 2010

Warning: flash photography used in this post

Being partial to a bit of art is something for which Words & Fixtures has been known far and wide over many centuries, but how aware are you that the good scribe is also something of a flashmob connoisseur? Yes, it's one of W's myriad secret interests generally kept hidden from public view, like a light under a bushell.

(Ah, how we look back fondly on the flashmob bingo in Piccadilly Gardens, after which we rampaged through the Noble Amusement Arcade taking banned photographs, then swayed our way up Oxford Street atop a sea of cheap cocktails.)

Well, the new flashmob in town is brought to you by the power of an art collective, and a watch battery. Art, flashmob. Flashmob, art. We're sold. We're there. Where? Near Beech Road, that's where. When? Saturday 22 May at 9pm, part of Chorlton Arts Festival, which kicks off next Thursday. All we have to do now is get hold of one of the 10,000 flyers explaining how to make a lantern for the big finale.

Click on the picture, make it big. I like the house in the background. You could be anywhere. Anywhere in Manchester. I like that. Makes me feel at home. Just thought I'd share that little thought.

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