08 May 2012

Five read a lot of stories

Last night was the meeting of minds we consider our FlashTag get-togethers to be. It was time for the famous five to scrap over the entries to our latest flash fiction-writing competition (oh, and drink boozes and eat pizza, as this photo of me and Ben proves). We received 66 submissions in all - a not inconsiderable amount to go through, so sustenance was, I think you'll agree, quite necessary.

The shortlist will be revealed on Friday and the winners will be announced at an event on Wednesday 23 May at 8pm in The Beech on Beech Road, Chorlton (full details on the Chorlton Arts Festival website here). You'd be a fool not to come - as well as getting to hear some fantastic stories from loads of talented writers, you'll be treated to all kinds of other fun and games, including a glittering awards ceremony which will be hugely glamorous and I will wear a frock.

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