06 July 2012

So much art, so little time

I've been so busy looking at art recently, I haven't had time to write about it, but Mother's been on again, telling me off for not posting anything for weeks, so here you go.

First off, there was the Fortnight project, which I took part in vicariously, hearing about some of the weird and wonderful goings-on from a true participant and accompanying them to a house in Whalley Range then peeking at some projections through a net curtain. Next was the launch of the Richard Creme exhibition in the Link Gallery at Manchester School Of Art - some really great portraits; I really liked this stylistic number...

The following week, I got out of the city and went to Tatton Park for the launch of the Biennial. This is on until 30 September, and you really ought to go, if only to see Olivier Grossetete's Pont de Singe (pictured), which is lovely and ephemeral. I also like The Cartland Institute For Romance Research - a tribute to the pink lady herself, installed within a Bedford Rascal. Nice.

Then I took one of those Pendolino thingies and visited the Hayward on the Southbank to see the David Shrigley (pictured below) and Jeremy Deller shows. Both good - particularly liked Shrigley's satirical cartoons and Deller's cycling activism. I also went to check out my pal David Wightman's show - he does amazing Alpine landscapes with block colours and collaged wallpaper, but I also really like his new pencil line drawings - lovely and subtle. 

After that, I got another train, this time to Nottingham, taking part in an art night at the really rather ace Primary Studios and checking out the Mika Rottenberg video work at the Contemporary. I'm not a big fan of video art, but this was good - thought-provoking yet tongue-in-cheek. Back in Manchester, I went to the Stanya Kahn thing at Cornerhouse - more video and cartoons; the top floor is the best (this is on until 16 September) - and the FutureEverything exhibition at MoSI, which kept me happily entertained with some interactive works.

Then it was back outside, first at Windermere for Les Commandos Percu to celebrate the arrival of that torch wotsit, then at the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, where I saw the Prometheus Awakes performance and Motor Show, which involved sitting in the pissing rain to watch some crazy dance (though it was pretty inspired). Yesterday, I was supposed to go to the launch of Liz West's Chroma at Blankspace, but I'm all arted out so that will have to wait; next week it's the launch of Crafting Histories at Manchester Craft & Design Centre.

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