09 November 2018


So earlier this year, it was the second Flash Fiction Festival, this time in Bristol (last year it was Bath), and I met some very inspiring folk, including Nancy Stohlman and Laurie Stone, both over from the States to help us hone our micro skills. 

Fellow delegate Debbi Voisey and I armed ourselves with red pens (and proper Spanish-style fans - boy, it was hot) in a workshop led by the former, slashing the superfluous from other people's stories, while in a workshop run by the latter I was coaxed from a hangover and into scrabbling together some semblance of a story or two, one of which I then fiddled away with chez moi and ended up with something I rather quite like, called Inside Out

It's wormed its way (ha, it features a blackbird) into a book to celebrate the weekend, which has just come out on Ad Hoc. Here's a picture (above), here's a link (go buy!) and here's a wee blurb:

"Sixty micro fictions written by participants and presenters inspired by the second UK Flash Fiction Festival held in Bristol, July 2018. The stories here, by writers from several different countries, touch on world politics, relationships in all their forms, fantasy and historical themes. Short-short fictions that surprise and linger long."

The third Flash Fiction Festival is already a date in the diary: 28-30 June 2019. More here. Come along - there's a really nice botanical gardens next door.

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