26 March 2020

The new normal

So, the world has started spinning at a very different speed and it's going to take a bit of getting used to. Lots of new words and phrases have become a part of our everyday vocabulary like we knew them all from primary school - self-isolating, social distancing, furlough leave... the latter has been imposed on me by my two-day-a-week job, my other regular gig has "gone dark". The rest, the freelance work? Bits and bobs are ongoing but who knows for how long. Not to worry, I'll maybe take some time out to breathe in the fresher air, tidy up the house and garden, maybe even do a spot of writing that's not about other people's stuff. I've already bashed out a small piece for a newly set up creative writing website, 100 Words Of Solitude (see what they did there?), which I'll hopefully get round to submitting this week, when not rustling up homemade soup from wild garlic foraged at a safe distance from other writers. I've also cobbled together a piece over here about possible funding options in the arts, so, y'know, keep positive, keep crafting...

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