10 February 2023

Book news

Two bits of book news as February unfurls. First off, my third pamphlet is out soon (yes, really! Like buses!). Using Language is a collection of some of my recent poetry and consists of three short sequences dériving through the days in ’grams, looking up at the sky from the deep end of a swimming pool, and wandering the streets of Paris under the influence of art, interspersed with musings on place and colour. There's a bit of concreteness, a touch of vispo, and this rather wonderful cover design, courtesy editor James Appleyard. Using Language will be published by East London-based Invisible Hand Press some time probably March, maybe April. I'm gathering cover quotes as we speak and I'll be thinking about organising a launch party at some point, so watch this space...

The second bit of book news is that I just tried and failed to renew a library loan (Thea Lenarduzzi's long-form essay Dandelions, out with Fitzcarraldo Editions, since you're asking; it's very good, but I'm nowhere near ready to return) via the online portal (so modern; I even bought some books via a website this week – Flora Poetica: An Anthology of Poems About Flowers, Trees and Plants, edited by Sarah Maguire, and Sylvia Legris' Garden Physic). I was refused, not because another library user had requested the title, which is the usual problem when computer says no, but because it turns out that my library card expires tomorrow. Expires! Who knew such a thing was even a possibility?

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