08 April 2011

...and another Ashworth

Now, here's another interesting event that's been flagged up to me by my pal Library Sue: Born, Not Made?, a discussion about whether or not creative writing can be taught. It takes place next Tuesday (12 April) at 6pm in City Library's fabulous Becker Room (where we had our recent Flash Mob photo-shoot, and, coincidentally, where the pic in my last blog post was also taken).

The event will see the lovely Sherry Ashworth (novelist, senior lecturer in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and co-founder of Hidden Gem Press) chairing a discussion, about whether writers are born or made, between Jane Rogers (MLF Is There A Novelist In The House? judge, creative writing lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and author of eight novels including Island, The Voyage Home and Mr Wroe's Virgins) and her "protegee" Rachel Genn (whose debut novel The Cure is out on Constable & Robinson on 26 May). The debate will revolve around the student/teacher relationship, the ups and downs of taking a writing course, the shared enthusiasms and the issue of influence, and there will also be readings.

Please go because I can't!

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