19 April 2011

Feeling flash

Now, you may remember a while back me mentioning the Flash Mob Writing Competition, which I'm helping run as part of this year's Chorlton Arts Festival. Well, you have ten days in which to enter, so snap to it. All the details you need to know are on our fabulous website, which now comes complete with some rather gruesome photographic evidence of what each of the five Flash Mob judges looks like. I've obviously been at the juice. Dave looks like one of his rabbits caught in the headlights. Tom, according to Ben, looks like "a sexy magician". Fats looks menacing. Ben looks slightly menacing too, come to think of it.

Any road, to help plug the contest, I've written a feature for none other than the fantabulous Creative Times. The feature is about flash fiction. It includes quotes from flash fiction authors and everything. In recognition of the genre, I was asked to submit less than 500 words and you can read the results here.

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