20 January 2012

Proof I exist

Some of my recent proofreading work is now in the public domain, which is really rather exciting. Here's a quick round-up; if you need any proofing or editing undertaking, do tell.

Socrates Adams' debut novel hit the shelves this week, complete with a lovely acknowledgement of my fine handiwork (although publisher Tony did admit he may have buggered it up slightly, so if you find any mistakes, they're his not mine). You can pick up a copy - and I recommend you do - at Blackwell's.

David Gaffney's Errata Slips Micro Commissions project for Cornerhouse has culminated in the creation of a feature and also some fab new short stories, which were also given the once-over by yours truly. You can have a shufty at some of them here.

I've a couple of other really awesome fiction jobs in the pipeline, but I'm currently working on non-fiction, a tome about the uncanny in literature, and that's been great too. See, I can turn my hand to all sorts. I'm not just a pretty face (though obviously I'm that too. Heh, it's great having a blog; you can't write any old shite and ain't no one to contradict).

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