01 February 2012

Performance vehicle

So last week was a bit nuts in terms of spoken word. On Monday, I delivered a set of smut at the for-one-night-only-in-Manchester New Libertines shindig organised by the absolutely bloody wonderful Dan Holloway of Eight Cuts. The picture shows me laughing in embarrassment. You can find out why via The Workshy Fop, aka Thom Cuell, here. There are more reviews and photos on Dan's Eight Cuts site here and his Last Man Out Of Eden blog here, here, here and here; and on Elizabeth Baines' blog here. Thanks to all of them for their really ace comments!

On Wednesday, I performed a couple of my newly published stories, Dirty Books (appearing on Games Perverts Play soon) and The Moths (in the current issue of Duality) at Bad Language, headlined this month by Socrates Adams, whose debut novel was launched on Friday, and also featuring Rodge Glass, whose second novel is launching in April, I think.

On Thursday, I got a train up to Preston with my good friend Fat Roland (and some gin in a can*) to read flash at my first-ever Word Soup, organised by Lancashire Writing Hub; headlined last week by fab poet Jo Bell and also featuring the marvellously varied Blackpool collective Dead Good Poets and some really good open mic.

All three events were great and I met some amazingly lovely new people and caught up with a ton of folk I already know.

I'll be back at two out of three nights (plus, hopefully, the third if I manage to get on the open mic list): 28 March for the Not The Oxford Literary Festival and 29 March for Word Soup.

*Talking of which, check out the newly released video here for Gin In A Can by Monkeys In Love, who I'm "supporting" on 17 February. More here.

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  1. So so so excited to be hosting you again in Oxford. You were fabulous!!


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