24 March 2009

Fixtures: smells of south Manchester

Not all of these are fixtures.
Some are permanent; some come and go; some just appear in a whiff and are lost for ever.
Not all of them are pleasant, either.
The smells documented here are smells smelt in the last two weeks.

Fermenting hops - brewery, Moss Side
BO - The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield
Jam - Old Trafford
More jam - Whalley Range
Coal fires - across south Manchester
Cow shit - Upper Chorlton Road, Whalley Range
Bonfire - Manchester Road, Chorlton
Plastic/new car - City Road, edge of city centre
Fish and chips - The Baths Supper Bar, Manchester Road
Chinese takeaway food - Fallowfield Loop cycle path
Aircraft fuel - Arndale, city centre
Gas - Chorlton Road, Hulme
Creosote (my favourite smell, all those lovely toxins) - UCR, Whalley Range
Honey-scented blossom - corner of Augustus Way, Hulme
Burning rubber - City Road, edge of city centre
Daffodils - my front room
More gas - Macauley Avenue, Old Trafford
Shower gel - Manchester Road, Chorlton
Bubble bath - Beech Road, Chorlton
Cooked chicken - The Bar, Chorlton
Grease - Argyles, Chorlton
Curry - Seymour Grove, Old Trafford
Aftershave - the footbridge over the Mancunion Way, Hulme
Hot cross buns - Arndale, city centre
Raspberries - The Bridgewater Hall, city centre
New books - WH Smith, city centre
Sewage - Barton Bridge, Urmston
Horse shit - Upper Chorlton Road, Whalley Range
Cooked chicken - The Bar, Chorlton
Stale beer - Electrik, Chorlton
Fried onions - Midland Hotel, city centre
Dope - Cross Street, city centre
Perfume - Deansgate, city centre
Spray paint - car repair workshop, City Road, edge of city centre
More spray paint - graffiti artists at the Archimedes Screw, Chorlton Ees
Fried bacon - Cross Street, city centre
Mustiness - Arndale Centre, city centre
Old books - Chorlton Library
Drains - City Road, edge of city centre

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