19 March 2009

Mis-shape; misfit: surreal

Went to the Whitworth Art Gallery surrealism exhibition, Subversive Spaces.

It's very good, with lots of different artists (many hitherto unknown to me, despite an ongoing passing interest in the genre), lots of different media, lots of different ideas and lots of different pitch-black rooms with heavy canvas curtains that are hiding dark secrets unknown, and probably a film or two.

Actually, I did venture behind one of the drapes and saw some short films with a man, a drumstick and various railings around London - it was quite mesmerising and trancey, and I liked the man's cigar-smoking (I bet he's French).

I recommend the exhibition; it's very good and delves into the different obsessions of surrealism (which doesn't take an initial cap, according to Collins).

Here's my own take on exploring subversiveness, experiencing unusual spaces and perhaps even exploiting hysteria.

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