13 March 2009

Word: human landmark

I heard someone on tut radio t'other day talking about human landmarks - people you see at certain places and at certain times every day, eg on your way to work.
As a cyclist, I have a few human landmarks on my cycle route (pronounced "rowt", like owt and nowt, by my New American Friend [NAF], Jeff).
1) The girl who doesn't know how to use gears. Sways about all over the place. Very slow. Badly equipped. Lights don't work properly. Generally crap. 0/10
2) Mr Camouflage with the foldy bike. Wears a camouflage coat and camouflage trousers with a slightly different pattern (both, however, are the desert meets greenery camo style). If he wasn't in the urban jungle, perhaps he might even be incognito. 10/10 for effort (and speed - boy, those Bromptons kick ass!)
3) Courier dude. Rides a white racer. Has a courier bag. Wears half-mast pants. Digs tattoos. Never puts his feet down (you know the sort - dicking about at traffic lights). Rides fast on the pavement and very annoyingly jumps off the kerb into the road right in front of me and Celia. I don't even think he's a courier, the cock. 0/10

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