08 April 2009

Mis-shape: loopiness

Postmen are bad. They have littered our streets and the red weed is creeping, creeping. I am of course talking about the elastic bands. Yes, THE elastic bands, as you all know the bands of elastic of which I talk. They're everywhere, and Keep Britain Tidy aren't happy. Good thing too - as KBT say, postmen are looked up to, so they should set an example by not dropping litter, as that is what the laccy bands essentially are. Of course, we can help too. My mother has pockets filled with the little red fellas, and until Celia went joyriding in deepest darkest Trafford on Friday night, she also had quite a fine collection adorning her handlebars. I use them to tie up my baggy sailor pants when riding, y'see. It's quite the fashion statement...

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