09 April 2009

Mistake: dirty food

Usually, dirty food is just wrong. A no-no. A big mistake.

Sometimes, however, dirty food has its place. Like when you have a hangover. In times like that, it's amazing how great a Greggs sausage roll can make you feel, in all it's greasy saturated fat-laden glory.

Helen gave me a new phrase for a specific item of dirty food one weekend when she was over and I was making us bacon butties. She called the loaf I was using "slag bread". I like this term for cheap white sliced and, while Warburtons is a bit too classy for it, I would certainly apply it to Sunblest (which I was brought up on when we were poor and lived on the Wirral).

Slag bread makes great fishfinger sandwiches. Here's the recipe:

For the best fishfinger sandwiches, lightly toast two rounds of slag bread. On one piece, daub mayo; on the other, apply tomato sauce (or ketchup, if you're posh). Insert three fingers (I buy the pollock ones these days for environmentally astute dirty eating). Enjoy.

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