22 April 2009

Misfit: global problem

Happy Earth Day to you, happy Earth Day to you, happy Earth Day dear everyone... Happy Earth Day to you.

Yes folks, it's Earth Day, an international celebration of looking after the planet. On this day in 1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets and parks to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment. Since then, countries all over the world have used April 22nd as a day to recognise and heighten awareness of issues relating to climate change. Hurrah - what a nice idea! See www.earthday.net for more.

This year, The Flaming Lips are joining in the campaigning in the States, so I've been trawling the web to see what's going on in Manchester and there's loads - if you live in Manchester, Virginia (which looks pretty groovy; I might swing by).

In Manchester, England, you can go and celebrate Earth Day at the Disney Store in the Traffo. God, can life get any more depressing?

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