02 August 2010

Another Mini Moment Of Fiction: Short but sweet

A month has passed since author Beryl Bainbridge left us for other worlds, but one of her last pieces of work was a six-word story to help the Arvon Foundation promote its writing courses with a wee little competition. The full details of the contest are here, but basically you need to submit a piece of flash fiction of six words by 1 September to competition@arvonfoundation.org or via that Twitter to @arvonfoundation. (Thanks to Benjamin Judge for bringing this to the attention of W&F, BTW.)

BB's six words were: "I drowned. Angels arrived in submarines", which is pleasantly intriguing. Perhaps the most famous (and probably the inspiration for this task) is "For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn" by Ernest Hemingway. Anyway, now it's your turn: get cracking.

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