28 November 2010

Another reading

Well, won't you look at that: that's me, that is, reading my 330 Words story, Hope. You can have the pleasure of perusing it here. This was at yesterday evening's inaugural Unannounced open-mic event at Waterstone's Deansgate. Also reading were David Hartley (with a Pantheon published short story about clowns and punctuation), Tom Mason (with a 330 Words number about the Recorders show at Manchester Art Gallery), Benjamin Judge (with Roy Keane's Telescope from Roy Keane's Lucky Scarf, and Barry, a new story, part of his Who The Fudge Is Benjamin Judge? Advent series), Fat Roland (with The People Vs The Tooth Fairies from 330 Words, and a haiku about Beyonce), Socrates Adams (with an extract from his in-progress novel) and Jon Atkin (with three poems). All were immense.

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