05 January 2012

On the interwebs

Ah, the week when most people return to work, dragging their feet begrudgingly and wailing on about needing to detox. To celebrate my own return to perfecting the fine art of procrastination, sorry, freelancing, I've decided to give the old blog a little spring clean and makeover. Et voila. Out with the polka dots, in with the preppy stripes. So new season. Do tell me what you think.

I've also been busy squirrelling away jhoozing up author David Gaffney's website copy- and layout/navigation-wise (it needed some streamlining), and you can now feast your eyes upon my hours of toil here. I'm pretty pleased with the end result, and David hasn't yet ex-communicated me, so I guess he's ok with it too. So, if you need a website planning and writing and even building, you know where to find me.


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