24 February 2012

A moment of fiction #17

Oh dear, I was snooping around here yesterday, doing a bit of weeding and wotnot, and I noticed how terribly I've neglected you on the old A Moment Of Fiction front. Oopsie. So here's a round-up of upcoming literary goings-on in the vicinity. Let me know of any I've missed.

Tuesday 28 February - Say Something, 7.30pm at Sandbar, Grosvenor Street, Manchester. Poetry and prose from various folk (including me) and comedy from Red Redmond at this final (for now, at least) outing of Zach Roddis' night. Check out the Facebook event page here.
Wednesday 29 February - Bad Language, 7.30pm at The Castle, Oldham Street, Manchester. The acetastic Peter Wild launches his novel The Passenger; other writers (including me again!) read their lovely words at this veteran on the lit scene, organised by Dan Carpenter, Nici West and Joe Daly. See here for more.
Also Wednesday 29 February - The Other Room, 7pm at the Old Abbey Inn, Manchester Business Park. Absolutely brilliant experimental poetry night organised by Tom Jenks, James Davies and Scott Thurston. FB event page here.
Thursday 1 March - Live Literature, 7.30pm at Bolton Octagon. Novelists Gwendoline Riley and Jane Rogers are the readers in the latest of these monthly events organised by Bolton University. More here.
Monday 5 March - The Story Forum, 7.30pm at the Gregson Centre, 33 Moorgate, Moor Lane, Lancaster. Mollie Baxter's night has a Facebook group. I'll be at the next one on Monday 2 April.
Also Monday 5 March - Stirred, 7.30pm at Sandbar. Popular performance poetry night by and for women, run by Anna Percy. See Facebook.
Monday 12 March - Magical Animals, 8pm at Sandbar. I'm told this poetry night, run by Jackie Hagan (@JackieHagan on Twitter), is very good, though I've not managed to make it down yet.
Wednesday 14 March - Tales of Whatever, 7.45pm at The Castle. Great live storytelling night, organised by Mark Powell. Website, complete with recordings of previous performances, here.
Thursday 29 March - Word Soup, 8pm at The Continental, South Meadow Lane, Preston. Me and the FlashTag boys - Fat Roland, Benjamin Judge, Dave Hartley and Tom Mason - are on the bill. See the Lancashire Writing Hub website for more.
Also Thursday 29 March - Word Up, 8pm at Platt Chapel, Wilmslow Road, Manchester. Contact Steph Pike for an open mic slot: spikewords@hotmail.co.uk. Website here.

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