29 August 2013

Heads up

Following on from my last post, which, admittedly was a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away (sorry about that - I've been looking at art all around the country and even beyond, so I haven't had time to actually write about it!), today I found out that one of the three inaugural artists in this year's mentoring scheme from Mark Devereux Projects has an interesting commission coming up. 

Nicola Ellis is one of two artists going Head To Head in this year's Castlefield Gallery exhibition of the very same name. The show promises to be great - Ellis's amazing piece Osseous (pictured) took centre stage at Mark Devereux Projects' first-ever gallery foray, Means Of Feedback, last month - while her contender is Aura Satz, whose work has appeared in the Tate Modern Tanks, dontchaknow. Head To Head starts on 6 September (preview 5 September, 6-8pm) and runs until 20 October, with an artist talk with Ellis on 3 October, 6.30-8pm, and a special late-night opening until 9pm on Thursday 10 October as part of The Manchester Weekender, produced by cultural website Creative Tourist, where you can read more about the artistic dust-up...

Meanwhile, Mark Devereux Projects are inviting submissions from visual artists working across all mediums for a group exhibition relating to "innovative and engaging approaches to notions of space, form and function", which sounds very interesting and of the moment. Beyond Merely Assembling will take place 6-16 November at Projects: Manchester, a new pop-up gallery space (how de rigueur!) in central Manchester - full details on how to submit can be found on the Mark Devereux Projects website, but I can tell you that work needs to have been completed in the last 18 months and artists must be in the Mark Devereux Projects Associate Membership scheme. You should register by 23 September with submissions due 29 September - get cracking!

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