21 August 2009

Going Dutch

As often happens when I go abroad, I am in a near constant state of ecstasy thanks to foreign words and their similarity in sound or spelling to rude phrases in English. I know it's quite teenage of me, but there you go. Swearing is cool; I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if you say otherwise.
I've decided, therefore, to share some of my childish humour with the readers of Words & Fixtures, just because I can. I'm a blogger, see.
"Slagroom" (click on the pic to see it in hyper detail) was advertised for breakfast at the Glastonbury-like campsite we stayed on in Amsterdam. My brain immediately brought up images of a space filled with girls sporting nasty earrings, scraped-back hair and Rochdale bellies sticking out over the top of too-small jeans. Shudder.

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