30 August 2009

Time for tee

One of the side projects that keeps Words & Fixtures busy in any downtime is the loose cataloguing of slogan T-shirts, of which there are tons of totally tasteless ones worn mainly by unsuspecting foreigners. Presumably these poor, misguided individuals believe it's cool to wear clothes bearing English words yet don't actually speak much in the way of English themselves. Perhaps they should think about calling on the services of a translator other than the fast-talking London stall-holder who duped them into making the inappropriate purchase in the first place.

Here are the worst examples I've seen recently:
- a rather misinformed football presenter on French TV with "I love porn" emblazoned across his chest
- an inoffensive-looking young man at a filling station in Prague wearing a wholly offensive number printed with the disability logo and the word "spastic"
- a man in his thirties, walking down the street holding hands with his smiling, straight-laced wife in the very twee town of Potsdam in Germany, proudly sporting a tee bearing a man icon, a woman in a wedding dress icon and the maxim "game over"

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