31 August 2009

Crawling along

The light-hearted topic on this morning's Today programme
(that's on Radio 4, for any philistines among you) was the origins
of pub names, and very interesting it was too.
Lucky old author Albert Jack has the joyous job of examining and explaining such titles as The Pickled Parson, The Bucket of Blood
and The Swan With Two Necks.
Here's a link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8230000/8230024.stm

This is a rundown of the pubs in my, if you like, home town.
If you know where that is, do share, but don't be expecting
a prize or anything.

Bear's Paw
Bellemonte, The
Bull's Head
Cheshire Cheese
Cholomondeley Arms
Golden Lion (known locally as The Cornerhouse,
but nothing like the place of the same name in Manchester)
Helter Skelter (which used to be The Gaping Gander, and painted pink,
from what I remember)
Netherton Arms (formerly, I think, The Whalebone,
which is far more intriguing)
Queen's Head
Red Lion
Ring of Bells
Traveller's Rest
(I have not included Kydd's Bar, as it is just too awful, or The Aston Arms, which I believe these days may be trendy flats or some such.)

More on names, and lists, soon.

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