26 August 2009

Half-baked idea?

I mentioned last week that one of my friends was soon to be embarrassing herself in our fair capital's Trafalgar Square. Well, she climbed aloft the fourth plinth on Sunday as part of One & Other (see http://www.oneandother.co.uk/), and your trusty reporter was there to witness the momentous occasion.
Nik's appearance happened to coincide with National Sponge Cake Day, so she decided to take baking as her theme and promptly spent much of the hour-long slot lobbing muffins into the audience, drawing quite a crowd in the process. The finale was to be a tribute to the artist behind the project, Antony Gormley, but unfortunately the Angel Cake Of The North never quite came to fruition.

Prior to the event, I was called upon for a possible loan of cake-baking paraphernalia as props, and this is the inventory I forwarded (I am a big fan of lists; more list action will follow on W&F some time in the future):

1 rolling pin
2 large glass mixing bowls, what you mix cake batter in
1 cake-baking tin with push-up bottom
1 fairy-cake/muffin-baking tin (I think)
1 loaf tin
a number of wooden spoons
a selection of white plastic pastry cutters (eg for scones/mince pies, bleurgh)
1 pastry brush, slightly manky
2 small cartons of fairy cake paper holder thingies
a number of birthday cake candles and holders
1 half-used packet birthday cake sparklers
1 cake tin, popular blue and white 1970s (Hornsea?) pattern
1 cake plate (one of those ones for fairy cakes, not a stand for sponges)
1 blue and white striped pinny (in need of a good wash)
plain and self-raising flour
caster sugar
baking powder
cooking chocolate
2 eggs

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