30 March 2011

A moment of fiction #12

Haven't been very forthcoming with my submissions info, have I? Sorry about that. As you know, I'm slipping. I tell you this at least once a week these days. So here's a quick round-up, which I've only just remembered to divulge, as it's written on the tiniest of Post-It notes and stuck in my diary (yes, I'm old-fashioned like that).

I'm afraid you have just one day left in which to submit to issue #3 of Friction Magazine and Journal. They're after your poetry, short stories, flash fiction and memoir - visit the website for details and submit via editor@frictionmagazine.co.uk.

You also only have until tomorrow to get short stories of up to 3,500 words on the subject of "power" to the new site Paraxis. This looks like an interesting project, and it's co-run by the wonderful Claire Massey, whose stories Chorden-under-Water and Feather Girls I have a tendency to harp on about. Everything you need to know is here; email paraxis.org@gmail.com.

Another looming deadline is for New Writing Dundee - they're accepting one piece of poetry or prose per person before 2 April, for publication in issue 6. Email newwritingdundee@dundee.ac.uk after first looking at the guidelines.

A slightly longer lead time is 29 April, when the fabulous* Flash Mob Writing Competition closes. Check out all the details online. The email is flashmobwritingcompetition@yahoo.co.uk.

And don't forget to submit to 330 Words, Roy Keane's Lucky Scarf, the shiny new-look Rainy City Stories, Blank Pages and It's Getting Worse. These are run by my friends, and they need your input!

*I am biased.


  1. thank you Clare - shunted something over to Paraxis and will look at throwing summat else to Friction tomorrow.

    Golden info as ever.

    Now what about this "Flash Mob" thing ey? Whats that all about? A Flash Fiction competition for stories of no more than 500 words with no theme and a live award ceremony at the Chorlton Arts Festival and judged by the finest minds of the Manchester short story writing scene?

    Maybe I will enter under my pseudonym Havid Dartley

  2. Mwa-ha-ha-ha.

    One day she was simply a copyeditor for a faceless corporation in a beige building, the next she was a fifth of the great mind behind the Flash Mob Writing Competition...


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