17 May 2011

It's good to stalk

As I was saying on the Twitter only yesterday, it appears I am fast becoming the official Station Stories groupie. I am now going along to the event not once, but twice, and I'm thinking it may be prudent to don a disguise lest the writers start to get twitchy about being stalked. Still, it's all in the name of art: the extra date is so I can write a review for Manchester Literature Festival. In the meantime, you can read another preview written by my fair hand over on the fabulous For Books' Sake site. Here's a link. Don't say I don't treat you well. I'm even going to give you a picture because you've been so good. This one is inspired by David Gaffney's Station Story Hidden Obvious Typical, which I helped edit. Well, when I say "helped", I probably really just hindered. I don't know, but I certainly enjoyed doing it - much as I really relish sinking my teeth into a strategic business plan or an end of year financial report (ahem), it's bloody lovely working on something creative once in a while.


  1. Shame about the typo in the picture though....:) See you there on Thursday, innit?

  2. Oopsie, yes! Shall I get my red pen out?

    Yes, well looking forward to catching up!



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