11 July 2011

Any sauce with that?

Me and my Flash Mob boys are currently working on a new project, Smut Night, which will take place on Wednesday 28 September at Didsbury Lawn Tennis Club (la-di-da) as part of Didsbury Arts Festival (more on DAF later this week). Details are currently under wraps, but we're going to be opening submissions for an anthology very soon, so keep checking back here and follow @FMWComp on Twitter for more.

To get me in the mood (so to speak), I've spent the last week reading pulp fiction and flash fiction, and writing a number of saucy short stories. I'm going to read one of my racy new creations this Sunday, when the Flash Mob gang will be reading at an evening of spoken word organised by our good friends from the Bad Language writing collective as part of this year's Oxfam Bookfest. Here's the event's Facebook page. It starts at 7.30pm at Apotheca in the Northern Quarter.

This week, to keep up the racy vibe, I've set myself the challenge of reading a Mills & Boon a day. I've started with Charade Of The Heart by Cathy Williams, from the old Romance imprint. My favourite line so far has been: "Can you really try and convince me that you love another man when I can feel you opening up under my fingers like a flower?" Just brilliant! It's my aim to get to grips (oo-er) with the writing style and see if I can come up with my own first three chapters and a synopsis, and take it from there. I'll keep you posted on the titles I get through in On My Bookshelf Right Now... (see left).

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  1. Will we get to read some sample passages of your three chapters?! *crosses fingers*


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