15 February 2012

You have been blocked

I'm such a terrible terrible cliche. I've been suffering writers' block. I might as well just live the dream and spend my days stooped over a blank piece of paper in a draughty garret while wearing a beret and drinking myself stupid on cheap plonk. Er...

In order to lure myself back onto the straight and narrow, this morning I've been trying to ease back in to putting sentences in some kind of coherent order by pinging off a load of emails, sending one of my famous 69 worders out into the ether, submitting a photo and 92 words of scurrilous anti-Swissness to the wonderful World Bench Project and slinging together this blog post. That'll do for now, right?


  1. Anyone would think you're declaring your literary misdemeanours so as to encourage your readers to give you a good reprimand ;)

    Now how's that for a premise for a series of erotic call and response pieces ("I failed to x" "Why then I shall y you")? Could be called "Randy Reproaches" or some such :)

  2. Ah, the mighty writers block or what i like to call my 'is this actually a career?' days. I too write freelance and there are times when I just have to down tools and go for a very long run and my adrenalin going. Doing something physically draining gives your brain a break and you will find you can get back into it with ease. Good luck!


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