05 February 2010

Freaky Friday

I've been farting about with fonts a lot lately. I'm working on an exciting new project that the team is currently building a brand for, and fonts have been at the forefront of our thoughts. I used to know lots and lots and lots about fonts, but I've been noticing a surge in new offerings recently, perhaps due to developments in DTP. I remember when everyone ran screaming from Quark a couple of years ago someone mentioning InDesign has more scope for creativity with this kinda thang.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my current favourite: Mental Freak. It has a great name, and I really dig the hand-drawn cartoony feel. I'm also quite liking Action Jackson (another fab moniker) and 3D Blocky.

Illustration © Rodrigo German, contact: rodrigo_comics@hotmail.com

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