03 February 2010

Glocal warning

Buzzword of the week is "glocal". It was in that Up In The Air movie I was harping on about yesterday (since announced as a nominee for the Best Picture gong in the upcoming Academy Awards; obviously my glowing review must have swayed the judging panel). The young upstart teaches the old dogs new tricks by informing them that they need to be moving from thinking global to thinking local: in other words, they need to go glocal.

Glocal is also the title of my Chorlton pal Jeff Heie's short film, which had a successful Big Green big-screen premiere on Saturday night. It tells the true tale of an American family's move to Manchester and their attempt to lead a more sustainable existence. Giving up a gas-guzzler for a bunch of bikes, swapping supermarkets for local shops and foregoing fast food in favour of homegrown produce, the Heies show how easy it is to break free from the consumption-obsessed lifestyle so common in the West. We're hoping to show it again at the main day of Chorlton's Big Green Festival on 27 March - come on down and you may even be lucky enough to see some of the stars on the green carpet!

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