04 September 2009

Font of all knowledge

I love fonts. It must be something to do with being a sub and having to make sure words are emboldened when they need to be, or when text should be in italics when Art say it should, and so on and so forth. (Alternatively, if you're a Grauniad sub, you could just totally ignore the usual rules, and halfarsedly bold some stuff up then ignore the rest so it's all over the show and the reader has no chance of spotting any kind of pattern or be helped to read more easily in any way. I mean, what does the reader want? Bloody hand-holding?)

If you also love fonts, I suggest you go and have a look at Lars Willem Veldkampf's thumbnails for more of your favourite typefaces and their subliminal meanings. It's a quarter of an hour well spent this rainy Friday afternoon as you wait for the weekend to get a shift on.


Incidentally, yesterday at the ICA, the author Douglas Coupland did a companion talk to the film Helvetica (which I have yet to see) on what words look like and the power of text as an art object. It was he who alerted me to this Veldkampf fellow's Flickr fonts; not because DC is my mate, but because I follow him on Twitter like the sycophant I most surely am.

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