12 September 2009

A little lift

You know how when you get in a lift sometimes and other people get in after you and it's kind of inferred that you sort of have to take charge? Well, I found myself in that very situation just the other day.
I was headed for the ground floor down from third and thought I'd better check the second person was too.
"Are you going to ground?", I queried, then (because I was in a very giddy mood, having just escaped from a difficult, drawn-out interview process) quipped: "I don't mean, 'Are you going into hiding?', but you never know. I can give you a disguise if you need it."
Lift passenger number two thought this was hilarious and said they'd use it again some time. Praise indeed.
Anyway, I didn't get the job, but hey - I may now consider a career in comedy instead.

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