30 September 2009

Hey there, Babycakes

Forget cupcakes, kids; they're so last season. Right now in the good ole US of A, it's all about Tweet Sweets. At least for the pink-loving domestic goddess behind the fabulous all-frills Bakerella website, where there's "sweet inspiration and fun baking ideas" to help y'all keep the kitsch in kitchen.

They sure are cute, Bakerella baby, but blue icing?! Yowzers. Next stop: Mood Swing Central, know what I'm saying here?

(Pic and cakes by Bakerella, BTW. You can see how to make 'em at www.bakerella.com. I have no personal link to this all-American gal, in case you're wondering; I just kinda stumbled across her in a kinda Googley way and now I can't stop this darn accent thang.)

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