04 September 2009

A question of training - OPINIONS PLEASE!

Here's a poser for you; please let me know what your views are via comments, email or Twitter.

Technological advances have enabled everyone to operate
as a journalist, so does this mean that traditional journalism training is becoming obsolete?

I'll post your responses (yes, they'll stay anonymous, so you really can say whatever comes into your pretty little head) and my own scintillating thoughts on this very de rigueur subject very soon.
Bet you can't ruddy wait, huh?


  1. This is a very good question, i'm about to start an MA in Multimedia Journalism and have been really unsure about whether this is a good move.

    I still feel that training is useful for anybody wanting to go down the traditional journalism route, which does still exist (just about!)

  2. There's a difference between the ability to operate as a journalist and doing journalism. The need for training in the important areas -- verification, fact-finding, compelling presentation -- has never been greater, given the need to cut through the clutter. Training, though, has to reflect the new realities, be more flexible and be more widely available.


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