21 September 2009

Snack attack

Also seen in the Padstow vicinity...
Printed on the bag which contained a famous Cornwall carry-out:
Authentic, homemade Cornish Pasties made where possible,
with fresh and locally sourced ingredients
It's my guess you can make pasties pretty much any place there's
an oven, so "where possible" counts out a) up a sea cliff,
b) down a tin mine, c) on a beach, d) in a cider orchard, etc.
(It's a grammar question, in case you're puzzled. There should
be another comma after "made".)

Still, it's true what they say about pasties staying warm for ages
(so miners could put them in their pockets on leaving the house for work and they'd still be toasty by lunchtime). This one kept radiating heat until at least halfway to the aforementioned rubbish pub.

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