29 September 2009

I'm a poet, even if you didn't know it

I'm finally famous - one of my poems (ooh, you didn't know, did you?) is this week's feature presentation on Rainy City Stories. I'm absolutely brimming with excitement and slightly rosy cheeked!
It's called Hawthorn Lane - enjoy!

Hawthorn Lane
By Clare Conlon

The branches shake themselves,
Like a freshly dipped dog.
A hundred thousand glistening baubles
Shower down and crack open on the ground,
Spilling out a shiny confusion.
Ponds now stand
Where paths once ran;
The river and road course forwards as one.
Puddles hold dark secrets,
Their depths difficult to navigate
In the tunnel of trees.
At the end: bright light.
We emerge, blinking, roused from a dream.
The rain has gone, here comes the sun.

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