26 January 2010

Now we are one

Put up the bunting! Stick on your party hats! Get out your hooters! Today we're celebrating Words & Fixtures' first anniversary.

What a year it's been in our newly expanded world. Thanks to this new-fangled social media thingy, we've met loads of fab new people both in the blogosphere and in the real world, reconnected with old friends and colleagues, got involved in some really interesting online and offline projects, been paid hard cash and even won an award! None of it would have been possible without your support (well, it would, but I might have been less enthusiastic if it weren't for your involvement through inspiring emails and conspiring comments), and I hope you stick with my random ramblings based (albeit loosely) on language, literature, arts and culture. We will shortly be undergoing a modernisation project to mark this momentous occasion, so keep checking back, not only for more posts but also (eventually) for a new look. Thank you for reading - please continue - and don't forget to grab a delicious piece of imaginary birthday cake on your way out!

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