20 October 2009

The big picture

238 Tweets + 48 hours + 14 Fineliners + 2 penguins = 1 #TwitterPicture

Last week, black and white illustrator Johanna Basford launched #TwitterPicture, 'a unique concept merging creativity with social networking platform Twitter'. On Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 October, Basford invited the Twitterati to come up with ideas for the world's first Twitter-inspired artwork and got to work capturing the myriad proffered themes in delicate penned detail. She says: 'The torrent of Tweets came thick and fast, draining several dozen of my beloved Fineliners within the first three hours.'

Read more about this project and see the full finished product on Basford's blog, and learn about all her other fabulous inky adventures on her website.


  1. Well not quite the world's first. In fact, it really leaves a dirty taste in my mouth when projects proclaim themselves world's first when, in fact, they're not.

    This is an exciting project, but one of the original Twitter art projects is Twit2art - using tweets to inspire unique, individual artworks.

    Check out http://twit2art.com. I don't work for them (as you know) but I do own excellent artwork which is cool to say is my first commission.

  2. Hey, that does look interesting, Technical Fault. I'll be sure to check it out in greater depth at some point. At least this one got you commenting, though! That's how we work out audience numbers at W&F - in the old-fashioned radio station way.


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