09 October 2009

Relegation on the subs bench

Spotted this in The Guardian's Corrections And Clarifications yesterday, but was so caught up in Poetry Day excitement,
I didn't get round to blogging about it.
"While journalists and subeditors are not expected to be multilingual", said the weekly column of the readers' editor, "they should put the right accents on names in all languages, where possible".
Subeditors are journalists.
In trying to distinguish between the roles the column should have referred to writers/reporters and subeditors.
Way to go, Corrections Editor! Good to see someone sticking up for subs. Subs are people too, y'know! (What's the betting the Readers' Editor is really a writer/reporter slighted by having his sentences rearranged and the Corrections Editor is actually a subeditor who's sick of correcting obvious spelling mistakes?)

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  1. Just saw this on journalism.co.uk, lifted from http://jonslattery.blogspot.com/ and apparently overheard in a magazine office (Press Gazette, if I'm not mistaken) in that there London.

    Workie to chief sub: ‘Would you like to be a journalist one day?’


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