13 July 2010

A moment of fiction #5

It's time for another bringing together of news about creative writing workshops, new zines on the scene and various other interesting project shennigans going on.

Tomorrow sees the launch of new magazine 3030, at Common on Edge Street from 7pm. The 3030 folk have a website and a Twitter account to follow, and you can contact them with your amazing ideas and wotnot via editorial@3030magazine.co.uk.

If you like photography, the first issue of Field Trip Magazine is available from Cafe Royal Books. Editor in chief Craig Atkinson had left his card on the special shelf in Common and his blog is quite interesting too. I'm liking the pictures from the camera he found in a charity store.

Now, Paper Planes have adorned these pages in the past, and one of their regulars has just started up their own creative writing workshop. I'm afraid you've missed the inaugural meeting, but they take place on every last Sunday of the month, so with the next on 25 July, you don't have long to wait! Sarah L Dixon runs the sessions in Chorlton Library from 1-3pm, and they're £5 (or £4 concs). See www.myspace.com/sarahldixon or email hectorandwanaka@yahoo.co.uk for more.

Don't forget: A Moment Of Fiction is a regular fixture so post a comment, email me or let me know via Twitter if you have anything you'd like mentioning. Here are all the most recent posts: A Moment Of Fiction #1, #2, #3 and #4

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