08 July 2010

Read me!

My good friend over at Manchester Libraries (@MancLibraries) spotted me cycling my lovely new Dutch-style steed, Hettie (as she has finally been christened), through the leafy Range this morning, and it prompted her to get in touch via the Twittervine.

She thought I might like to draw your attention, dear readers, to a book-winning contest. It's a monthly fixture and details for the July competition, which closes on Sunday, can be found upon the Manchester Lit List blog. This, as you well know, is a fine online establishment to which your trusty narrator has contributed on more than one occasion.

Up for grabs at this very moment is The Wonder, by Diana Evans. I have to admit I've not actually read it, but Ms Evans is the proud owner of a Betty Trask Award, so it must be good - after all, fellow Manchester Blog Awards winner Jenn Ashworth (check out her brand spanking new website here) is up for this glittering prize with her debut novel A Kind Of Intimacy (pictured).

Once you've won Diana's book and read it, you can chat to her through the ether on 12 August via ReadersPlace, which is pretty nifty. It seems quite a good site, too. Good luck, my lovelies.

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