21 December 2009

Flash point

Bumbling around in the snowy dusk on my way back home from the Cornerhouse on Saturday, I decided to take a slight detour to check out CUBE artist-in-residence Andrea Booker's off-site installation; the SOS sign I was telling you about last week. Plugged in and slowly flashing away, it will be sending a subliminal message to drivers fighting their way along the Mancunian Way until 5 January. I was slightly underwhelmed, but now I hark on't, I must've seen it before as I seem to remember thinking it was a bit odd. And then instantly forgetting about it. Subliminal, indeed...

Entitled Apollo Theatres (for why, I can't say), it's up near the top of the squat white Art Deco-style box that used to house web company Moonfish and is currently undergoing a "rebranding" as part of the seemingly stalled First Street development to become EASA HQ; headquarters for the European Architecture Students Assembly 2010. So now you know.

This isn't my pic, by the way. It is neither snowy nor dusk.


  1. UPDATE: Yesterday, I received an email off the artist Andrea Booker, who, I can report, sounds very nice and polite. She let me in on a few things, which I thought I'd share with you (I'm sure she won't mind). First, re the SOS sign here: "It's called 'Apollo Theatres' because that is where the signage originated from." Re Frail, mentioned in the earlier blog post: "It wasn't purposefully bent and damaged - I leave everything as I find it." Thanks, Andrea!

  2. I cycled past EASA HQ on the way home from the Aggregator meeting the other night, buoyed up on ideas and Heineken (I normally avoid that hellish roundabout), and the SOS sign has been removed, as scheduled.

    Somehow the place felt bare without it.


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