18 December 2009

A short post about post

As I was cleaning my teeth this morning, I flicked the radio on and was drawn in by a chap talking about sorting mail and all the words posties have for different things - "flats" for A4-sized letters and magazines, "live mail" for first class post, "Granny Smiths" for customers. I would have liked to have heard more, but I do have to go to work these days, you know.

I've just had a shufty at the Radio 4 website to see if it's on Listen Again and it isn't, but it turns out I had happened upon the Book Of The Week: Dear Granny Smith: A Letter From Your Postman by Roy Mayall. Quite apt, I thought, this being the last posting date for Christmas for second class. Maybe I'll get it out of the library and add it to my festive reading list. Might make a good comparison text for "honorary Beat writer" Charles Bukowski's Post Office...

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